About the Site

A Blog about God, Relationships, Solutions, Design, Love and Life.

Being in the ministry for how many years, nakilala ako by most people as a Pastor, Producer of Documentaries and a Conference Speaker.  But, I am also a mother, a friend, and an individual who experience the same things most people go through.

I created this blog to share a portion of my life that I hope will be useful for you. I want to share the other side of Pastora that most people don’t see. My passions, thoughts, hobbies, experiences, ministry & family life and more.

My greatest joy in life is to be a blessing in whatever way I can.  I  hope that this blog can reach out to you, even in a small way. It could be a quick tip about a recipe I discovered, a photo that I took that will make you smile, or an article that will help you in a major decision. Ano man ito, gusto ko talagang maging blessing sa iyo.

This blog is my way of connecting with you, my dear Partners and Friends in a more intimate way. Now I have a way  to quickly share with you yung nilalagay ng Lord sa heart ko. I am very excited with this new project and I know God will do amazing things in the coming days.

God bless you and I hope you enjoy my blog!


Ptr. Emerita